About Us

The MHealth Alliance promotes the use of mobile devices in the world to improve health. The Partnership acts as a convener for the mHealth community to address shared problems by exchanging resources, expertise, experience, and lessons learned, partnering with different stakeholders to incorporate mHealth into multiple industries.

To do this, the mHealth Alliance encourages more and higher quality testing and assessment to advance the evidence base; aims to create capacity among decision-makers, administrators, and clinicians in health and industry; promotes competitive market models; and promotes framework convergence by calling for mHealth platforms to be unified and interoperable. Health Unbound (HUB), an online knowledge resource center and mHealth community interactive network, is also hosted by the mHealth Alliance.

Hosted by the United Nations Foundation, the mHealth Partnership was created by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Vodafone Foundation, and the United Nations Foundation. Among its founding members, the Partnership now also includes HP, GSM Association, and Norad.