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In the run up to the presidential election in 2021, President Obama received lots of health insurance advice from various commentators on both sides of the aisle. Many prominent politicians and media personalities also gave health insurance advice to the then candidate. These days after the election it is President Obama who is getting health insurance advice from Harvard Business School professor Robert Kaplan. The media has picked up the theme with President Obama now going through a grueling political battle to get his health care reform bill, Obamacare, passed through the House of Representatives and the Senate before the Presidential election in November.

Health Care – It is no surprise that the Presidential candidates are talking about a comprehensive health care reform. There is nothing new in that. The President, like all modern leaders, wants a complete overhaul of the healthcare system. It is clear to any objective observer that the American public doesn’t trust either the Government or the President with the task of taking the nation’s health care system into the next phase. This uncertainty is driving the President and his political handlers to make as much as possible about healthcare reform during his re-election campaign.

The President is not alone in his desire to pass legislation to reform the health insurance system in this country. Polls also show that a large majority of the American people want to see changes in the way health insurance is structured in this country. That includes both parties in the Presidential race. The question then is who will be able to give the President the best health insurance advice.

Two men who have been nominated by President Obama for the position of Health secretary are Massachusetts Governor Patrickolin and Delaware Senator Delaware Mr. Biden, who later on got his health care reform bill, Bidencare, passed as well. These two gentlemen have much experience in these issues and the support of the President is good for them in securing their confirmation as Secretary of State. But what about the rest of the Obama Administration? How do they plan on getting things done? The answer may surprise you.

First, the president has said he wants the Department of Health and Human Services to come up with “ample health insurance advice” for all Americans. So who will be in charge of this department? According to the Wall Street Journal, there will be no one other than Obama’s chief health negotiator, Assistant to the President Seema Linden. And according to the Hill, she will have the job of “cashing in” on the health insurance industry by negotiating with the insurers for increases in the premiums.

There will be another person in the health care reform team that the public doesn’t know about. That’s the secretary of Health and Human Services, who is in the “planning” stages of health care reform. According to the Wall Street Journal, her job will be to coordinate with the congressional health committee and House and Senate members about how best to improve health insurance. Health committee member, Rep. Tom Coburn (R-OK), criticized the move, as did some prominent Democrats, but the secretary’s job may be to smooth out the wrinkles so that all health care reform can pass.

The final piece of the puzzle for health insurance advice is your employer. If you are still with the same company that you’ve always worked for, that’s the best health insurance advice you can get. Why? Because that is where your coverage comes from. If your employer provides your health insurance, you don’t have to shop around. That’s not the case if you are working for someone else.

What about if you’re looking for a new employer? If you’re moving to a different city, state, or even country, you may not be able to take advantage of the employer-sponsored group health insurance that you have at your current job. Unless you’re very loyal and committed to your employer, I would suggest staying with your same health insurance provider. That way you’ll get the best health insurance advice you can.

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