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Inventory and Landscape ReportmHealth Support Tools for Improving the Performance of Frontline Health Workers: An Inventory and Analytical Review 
The UN Commission on Life-saving Commodities for Women and Children (UNCoLSC) is interested in exploring how mHealth can support the achievement of Recommendation 9, namely improving the performance and accountability of Frontline Health Workers (FLHWs). In this report, the mHealth Alliance outlines the findings from a three-pronged approach, including: 1) establishing a database of existing mHealth tools related to FLHW performance and accountability; 2) conducting a literature review on the evidence base of using mHealth tools for these purposes; and 3) developing a framework to guide the adaptation of paper-based content into mobile-friendly content. March 2014

mHealthNNRTanzania_FINALmHealth and Neonatal Resuscitation: Opportunities to Increase Adoption and Utilization of Neonatal Resuscitation Equipment, Using Mobile Health in Tanzania 
The mHealth Alliance has undertaken a series of research efforts to identify opportunities for mobile technology to support the goals of the United Nations Commission for Life Saving Commodities for Women and Children (UNCoLSC). In February 2014, a literature review and field visit to Tanzania was conducted to understand: the scope of birth asphyxia in Tanzania; the current adoption and utilization of neonatal resuscitation equipment; government priorities and key stakeholders supporting the prevention of deaths from complications related to birth asphyxia; and opportunities for mHealth to improve identified gaps and barriers in the system. This report outlines the findings from the research and aims to serve as a foundation for informing the development of a country strategy. March 2014

mHA_neonatalmHealth and Neonatal Resuscitation: A Review of Interventions, Approaches and Applications
The objective of this paper is to review existing mHealth interventions and successful approaches/applications, as well as identify gaps in knowledge for the use of mHealth in neonatal resuscitation. It was prepared for the United Nations Commission on Life-Saving Commodities Neonatal Resuscitation Technical Reference Team. March 2014

mHealth 5 Year ReportFive Years of Mobilizing for Health Impact: Key Achievements and Future Opportunities
Developed in connection with the mHealth Alliance’s five-year anniversary, this report looks back over the Alliance’s key achievements and offers case studies of important partnerships and projects. It also previews top priorities for the future. December 2013

Getting Healthier Around the WorldGetting Healthier Around the World: Information and Communication Technologies for Child Health and Development
To celebrate Universal Children’s Day 2013, this report was commissioned by Sesame Workshop and the mHealth Alliance to achieve two objectives: (1) to explore current and future opportunities in the use of mobile phones and other relevant information and communications technologies (ICTs) for improving the health and development of young children as investments for a better future, and (2) to provide guidance and recommendations for partnerships, institutions or organizations interested in contributing to this field. Nov 2014

Aging_white_papermHealth Solutions for Improving Mental Health and Illnesses in the Aging Process
This white paper is one part of a three-part series, developed in collaboration with Pfizer, which is devoted to exploring the use of mHealth to advance healthy aging in low- and middle-income countries. This paper focuses specifically on the use of mHealth for mental health and illnesses among older adults. Oct 2013

Aging_white_papermHealth Opportunities for Non-communicable Diseases Among the Elderly
This white paper is one part of a three-part series, developed in collaboration with Pfizer, which is devoted to exploring the use of mHealth to advance healthy aging in low- and middle-income countries. This paper focuses specifically on the use of mHealth for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) among elderly persons. Oct 2013

Aging_white_papermHealth Transferring the Burden of Caregivers to Mobile Technology
This white paper is one part of a three-part series, developed in collaboration with Pfizer, which is devoted to exploring the use of mHealth to advance healthy aging in low- and middle-income countries. This paper focuses specifically on the use of mHealth to support caregivers of aging individuals.  Oct 2013

Trustlaw_Report_Publications_ThumbnailPatient Privacy in a Mobile World: A framework addresses privacy law issues in mobile health
Protecting personal health information that is collected and transmitted over mobile devices has been cited as an essential factor to bringing mHealth to scale. Led by the mHealth Alliance, the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Merck, and Baker & McKenzie this report aims to increase the understanding of privacy and security policies related to the use of mHealth.  June 2013

Gender_analytical_framework_report_cover_imageAddressing Gender & Women's Empowerment in mHealth for MNCH
This analytical framework builds on the mHealth Alliance’s vision of gender as key to accelerating progress toward goals related to reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH). It offers mHealth implementers an outline through which to understand the nuances of gender issues, as well as gaps related to gender. May 2013

StateOfStandards_imageThe State of Standards and Interoperabilty for mHealth
This report reviews the state of health informatics standards and interoperability with respect to the use of mobile health among low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) with the aim of identifying critical gaps and opportunities to support the scale up of mHealth. March 2013

Vital_Wave_Report_CoverSustainable Financing for Mobile Health (mHealth)
This report focuses on the use of mobile technologies to improve health care; it is not an exhaustive list of projects and potential applications of mHealth solutions. Rather, it is an assessment of how mHealth products and services in a specific set of application areas can be financed sustainably. February 2013

baseline evaluation coverBaseline Evaluation of the mHealth Ecosystem and the Performance of the mHealth Alliance
The main objective of the baseline evaluation was to provide information about the current level of adoption, actual implementation, funding, and impact of mHealth in LMICs. The evaluation also measured the impact of the mHealth Alliance on promoting mHealth in the global health ecosystem. February 2013

mHealth_State_of_Evidence_ImageState of Evidence: mHealth and MNCH
Trends, gaps, stakeholder needs, and opportunities for future research on the use of mobile technology to improve maternal, newborn, and child health. This report
aims to identify challenges and make recommendations towards enhancing the mhealth for MNCH evidence base. February 2013

Healthy_Aging_Publication_ImageUsing Mobile Technology for Healthier Aging
Globally, there is a demographic transition underway. People are living longer. Even though “old” is defined differently across the world, there will be more people ov er the age of 65 than children under five by 2015.1 By 2050, there will be an estimated 1.5 billion people age 65 or older. December 2012

PHI_Report_Cover_PageLeveraging Mobile Technologies to Promote Maternal & Newborn Health
The Current Landscape and opportunities for  advancement in low-resource settings.  The objective of this report is twofold: (1) to describe the current state of mhealth intervention design, implementation, and evaluation that can be leveraged to improve maternal and newborn health globally and  (2) to identify ways to strategically advance mhealth in maternal and newborn care, as well as strategies for scaling up interventions. December 2012

Framework_for_Engagement_ImageFramework for Engagement: Leverging Mobile Technologies for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health
The global community has identified improving maternal, newborn and child health (“mnCh”) as a strategic development priority, embedding the goal within millennium Development goals 4 (reducing child mortality) and 5 (improving mothers’ health). while there has been global progress toward achieving these goals by the target date of 2015, there are still significant gaps and disparities in achieving better women’s and children’s health in LMICs. December 2012

PMCTC_ReportPreventing Mother to Child Transmision 
A report on mHealth strategies to strengthen collaboration and increase impact of PMTCT initiatives. By Frog, UNICEF, EGPAF, Jonhson & Johnson, and the mHealth Alliance. July 2012

mHealth_Education_PublicationmHealth Education
Harnessing the Mobile Revolution to Bridge the Health Education & Training Gap in Developing Countries.  The iheed Institute and Dalberg Global Development Advisors have prepared this report to set the stage for mHealthEd 2011 at GSMA mHealth Alliance Mobile Health Summit, which is the first dedicated conference on the emerging phenomenon of mobile Health Education. - Washington, DC: mHealth Alliance, June 2012.

mhealth_tb_paperThe Role of mHealth in the Fight Against Tuberculosis
To bring about a step change in the fight against tuberculosis (TB), we need new tools and simple, affordable innovations to better detect people suffering from this disease. Could mHealth be a solution? A new paper from the mHealth Alliance and Stop TB Partnership explores this topic.  Washington, DC and Geneva: mHealth Alliance and Stop TB Partnership, May 2012.

iHeed_Report_2012Preparing the Next Generation of Community Health Workers
This study identifies opportunities to train CHWs more cost-effectively through technology-enabled multimedia content that leverages visuals, videos, or audio.  Additionally, it highlights the potential to create open, easily sharable digital content that could act as a crucial ingredient for new approaches to training and learning in the future. May 2012

advancingthedialoguewhitepaperAdvancing the dialogue on Mobile Finance and Mobile Health 
As mobile network operators (MNOs) continue to try to reduce churn of customers, increas- ing switching costs by launching mHealth and MFS becomes increasingly critical. It is, there- fore, little surprise that these MNOs are working with health providers and governments to integrate mobile money into health service programs. - Washington, DC: mHealth Alliance, March 2012.

goe_mhealth_webcovermHealth: New Horizons for Health through Mobile Technologies
Based on the findings of the second global survey on eHealth, World Health Organization (WHO). - Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization, June 2011.

health_info_health_careHealth Information as Health Care
The role of mobiles in unlocking health data and wellness: A discussion paper by the United Nations Foundation, Vodafone Foundation, and mHealth Alliance. - Washington, DC: UN Foundation-Vodafone Foundation Partnership, mHealth Alliance, February 2011.

amplifying_impactAmplifying the Impact: Examining the Intersection of Mobile Health and Mobile Finance
A discussion guide for collaborative insight presented by the World Economic Forum, in partnership with the mHealth Alliance. - Washington, DC: mHealth Alliance, January 2011.

economics_ehealthEconomics of eHealth
This paper provides an outline of key economic and financial questions to pursue in informing in-country eHealth policy and strategy investments. - Washington, DC: mHealth Alliance and Results for Development, 2010.

barriers_and_gapsBarriers and Gaps Affecting mHealth in Low and Middle Income Countries
A policy white paper researched and written by the Earth Institute, Columbia University, and commissioned by the mHealth Alliance. - New York, NY: Center for Global Health and Economic Development, Earth Institute, Columbia University, May 2010.

business_potential_mhealthSizing the Business Potential of mHealth in the Global South: A Practical Approach
This report provides professionals from across sectors and industries with methodologies for sizing the market opportunity for mHealth solutions in the Global South. - Washington, DC: mHealth Alliance and Vital Wave Consulting, 2009.

New Technologies in Emergencies and Conflicts
New technologies and innovative uses of existing technologies are improving crisis preparedness, response, and prevention. Yet barriers to bringing these ideas to scale remain, and humanitarian aid groups and others must weigh the potential risks and rewards of using new communications technology tools. - Washington, DC: UN Foundation-Vodafone Foundation Partnership, December 2009.

mhealth_for_developmentmHealth for Development
The opportunity of mobile technology for healthcare in the developing world. - Washington, DC: UN Foundation-Vodafone Foundation Partnership, October 2008.

wireless_tech_social_changeWireless Technology for Social Change: Trends in Mobile Use by NGOs
Access to communications publications series, Volume 2. - Washington, DC and Berkshire, UK: UN Foundation–Vodafone Group Foundation Partnership, March 2008.


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