Our Work

The mHealth Partnership, with an emphasis on low-income nations, aims to catalyze the potential of mobile technology to advance health and well-being around the world. To do this, the Alliance’s efforts concentrate on policy goals that resolve the mHealth environment gaps while at the same time supporting mHealth programs on critical health issues.

The Coalition mobilizes the cultures of public health and mHealth to take steps to better incorporate mHealth with global health activities, services, and policies.

The mHealth Partnership aims to develop the mHealth Commons with the support of scholars, opinion leaders, and community makers through a range of events and interaction with a cross-section of stakeholders in mHealth.

The Alliance undertakes the following four key activities to catalyze its members and collaborators to create mobile health commons, which define its role in this process:

  • Set the agenda for the development of popular mobile health products The Alliance works with its members and collaborators to recognize the key areas that are needed in the Commons to resolve inequalities in the field of mHealth.
  • Establish the knowledge base of mHealth, use it to engage and lobby with players in global health Collecting and cataloging details on mHealth through the Alliance (e.g., research, projects, funding). This knowledge base will be used to educate and inspire mHealth professionals and partners to campaign for the successful use of health mobile devices.
  • Connect, convene and empower the group to tackle strategic priorities The Alliance is engaged in country-level seminars and has set up HUB Practice Groups to invigorate and allow interested stakeholders to interact and share expertise and ideas. Working groups working together on main focus areas are also facilitated by the Coalition.
  • Provide catalytic funding to facilitate the development of mHealth and speed up the development of mobile health commons The mHealth Partnership provides mHealth initiatives with limited catalytic grants that promote the creation of the mHealth Commons.